Freedom. The most popular value. When is the moment of beginning? Are we in charge or someone or others are in charge? Are we completely free or in some parts of our identity? You will recognize the moment of freedom is when you decide to face the sky even alone!


Love…two individual souls make one fusion. Stability is one of the crucial element for vivid fusion. To create stability in constant movement and changing especially on individual level is very much challenging thing. To stay individual in balance with other individual soul isn’t that stability?! To stay side by side with each other stable as stones. Respecting the boundaries, expending the inner world and keep the stability ON!


Looking in the future might be easy if the dream is something we really want. We want and have plan for realization. We have the resources.
 What if we don’t have a dream? Is that possible? What if we can’t see anything or picture is fuzzy ?!  How we feel ? Is it possible to live in harmony in the present if we not even for a moment looking in the future?